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The Hopeful Homesteader

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welcome to Macy and Buttercup

A friend of Hannah's told her she had a 2 year old yellow lab that needed a home so of course Hannah begged for us to take her. And, also of course, we agreed. So Kevin and Hannah went to go pick up the dog.

They came back with something I wouldn't call a dog. I'd call it a horse!!! This dog is HUGE. Obviously has something other than yellow lab in her as well. Her name is Macy. She's extremely playful and not well trained, yet. She does know sit but is so excited that she doesn't pay much attention to it yet. The old owner said that her kids wouldn't spend any time with her and she was starved for affection. Boy was she right! She's in good health and well taken care of but definately in need of lots of attention.

When they picked her up the old owners also had a german sheppard named Buttercup, and of course, Kevin called to see if we could get her as well. Although Buttercup is 4 years old and not quite as rambunctious as Macy she poses her own difficulties. She was a rescue dog and abused by a male at some point. She doesn't seem to have any issues with Kevin or Devin so we're good on that front.

So by dark yesterday our family had grown by 2 very large dogs.

After about an hour of playing with them and getting them used to the new home we put them both in the existing dog pen for the night with plenty of food and water. They were quiet, not raising a lot of ruckus but about 30 minutes after we went in there was a single bark.

I went out to check and they had figured out how to open the gate and took off to the neighbors yard. We chased them down and got them back in the pen. No easy feat, lemme tell ya. We secured the gate with wire to keep them from being able to open it again and went back in.

Not 15 minutes later we checked and they were GONE! No where in sight and wouldn't come when we called. The gate was still closed up tight so we took the flashlight out to see what had happen. They had dug a very large hole under the gate and had escaped. The kids were extremely upset and I did my best to console them.

Well this morning, as the kids were getting ready for school they came back! After getting the kids off to school Kevin and I have been trying to work with them and get them used to their boundaries. They are mostly staying on the front porch and have settled down a bit.

They both need lots of training and lots of love but that's definately something we can give them. I'm so glad they came back and so are the kids.

Here's a picture of our new family members.

Macy (top) and Buttercup (bottom)
To me they have the names backwards but what can ya do?
On a side note, during all the hub-bub last night trying to get pics of the girls the camera got misplaced. This was taken with a cell phone and is not the greatest. I sure hope we find it, it was a GREAT camera.

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